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Copper Canyon reminders

Canyon Travel reminders

We have been a Copper Canyon tour operator in Mexico after 1971. Present management has owned the company since 2010. Call us now for quick answers and for more references and contacts to clients who have used our services.


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3 Day Adventure through Copper Canyon. See the "eye" of the canyon, meet local tribe Tarahumarans, take breathtaking ride on a zip line.
  5 Day train excursion through Copper Canyon. Visit magic town, see Winnie the Pooh rock, explore the deepest canyon in the Copper Canyon system.
All listed tour prices are just estimates. Your itinerary will be customised to the number of activities you select as well as other factors based on your needs. Your adventure may cost more or less than the listed price. The important thing is that it is suitable to your budget and physical capabilities. We can only determine that after we talk to you and ask the poignant questions, the purpose of which is to insure a safe, once in a lifetime adventure into one of the last great vast wilderness in the world.  
Ray M
"All the hotel rooms were of the top quality.  None were the "cookie cutter" types we get in the States.  Each was unique and blended in with their surroundings.  Any one I stayed in could be thought of as a place for a romantic getaway. As a final plus, all had unlimited hot water, comfortable beds, a hair dryer, and were spotlessly clean." 
Lisa F
"You have gone beyond the standard of ordinary..."
"We really thought this trip was perfect full of beautiful sceneries  a wonderful experience. I cannot imagine doing it in anything other than your hotels. They are beautiful and the personnel is so kind and professional! Your tours are the best.  We are so sorry we did not stay more nights at Creel! Anyway we will cherish this memory in our ❤ always"
  Chris L
“Well planned and well executed – a very good choice for a Copper Canyon adventure”
Gillian M
"The Copper Canyon is a sight not to be missed!"
Linda M
"Western Canyon trip is well worth taking"­ 
Terry Lairmore
"Michael and his entire team were very competent. I came specifically for high-speed nature photography and he made sure that there was attention to every detail. The entire arrangements and package were in place in advance. We even had to make some urgent changes in the itinerary during the trip because of variations in the bird populations and Michael came through. He stayed in contact with me and checked on my progress during the entire trip. Great experience over all I will plan to use Canyon Travel again in the future. Five stars!"