Bahuchivo Station and Cerocahui

From the lush footlands ofEl Fuerte, your next stop is among Poderosa pines at Bahuchivo Station.
Cerocahui  is located in the valley, and is home to a 300 year old Jesuit mission. Cerocaui hosts a Tarahumaran girls school, vineyards, and local waterfalls. Nearly an hour away, by car, is Urique Canyon, the deepest gorge in the Copper Canyon system. Here a photo link from Gallego Mountain. Th e road descending into Urique valley is a bumpy one. You may choose to visit the overlook at Gallego Mountain.

Thank you, Ruth and Jim for the recent photo of Urique, the deepest canyon in the Copper Canyon system. #barrancasdelcobre, #urique, #coppercanyon, #mexico

Posted by Copper Canyon Mexico on Monday, November 7, 2016

 In the small historic village of Cerocahui lies one of the most impressive missions of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountain range. Juan Maria de Salvatierra, a Jesuit Priest, founded this church in 1680, a year after the first Jesuit arrived in this area. In 1767, Spanish King, Carlos the third, ordered the expulsion of this mission.  It was later restored under Padre Andreas Lara in 1939.  Lara also created a boarding school for the Raramuri Indians, called the Tehuecado Santa Maria Guadalupe.  This boarding school for girls still continues in operation today. Donations are gladly appreciated to support the school.
Along with the school, Padre Andreas Lara took care in building the first road to Bahuichivo in the 50’s, making it possible to travel through since 1976.  Previously, horses and mules were the only means of transportation. At one time, when the silver mines were in full swing, mining was one of the largest employers, however, since 1963 when the last mine closed, many inhabitants now rely on ranching, farming, and tourism.  In 1995, the first long distance telephone service was installed. In 2001 electricity was introduced to Cerocahui. Even with the introduction of electricity, this town still processes much of its original culture and individual charm.
Bahuchivo Station and Cerocahui have become a major tourist attraction during the holy week for the astounding festivities and a visible display of the combination of its indigenous and Spanish customs. The Ultra Marathon had become popular here for the annual run.



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