Copper Canyon annual temperatures

Copper Canyon annual temperatures and seasons, a closer look of what to expect.

Know when to go.

The Copper Canyon region covers over 25,000 miles with four distinct climates. Copper Canyon spans two large states of Sinaloa and Chihuahua, Mexico. From the humid, foothills of Sinaloa to alpine canyon tops in Chihuahua, you will want to prepare for changes in temperatures.

Temperature change is not so drastic between environments in the fall and spring. As a result, Copper Canyon annual temperatures range from 70 degrees to lows of 40 degrees.

Precipitation averages about an inch per month during November through December. January can have up to three inches of precipitation, even snow at the canyon peaks.

Rainy season usually lasts from July to the beginning of September. Traveling at this time is more humid in El Fuerte, but there are a lot more waterfalls.

We suggest checking the weather before your adventure.

What to pack

We recommend packing layered clothing. Loose long sleeve shirts help prevent mosquito and bug bites in the fertile lowlands of El Fuerte. You will want a jacket or coat for the altitudes of the canyon rim. Comfortable and casual clothes are ideal. It is an outdoor adventure, so don’t forget comfortable walking shoes. Mosquito repellent is a must. While El Fuerte is so charming, you may not want the bug bites.



  • due to the moderate change in temperatures, September through May are the most popular time to visit the Copper canyon.
  • Late August through October is the season to see the wildflowers blooming.
  • In October, take advantage of the weekend wine making festivals in Cerrocahui.
  • Novemeber is popular in Copper Canyon for Mexican holidays like November 20th.
    Decemeber through February are the coldest months for travel. You may see snow at the canyon rim! The holiday season and New Year are a busy time to visit.
  • March and April is a popular time to visit for the Semana Santa celebrations, exact dates of the Holy week change annually.
  • Late June- August marks the rainy season and especially humid weather in El Fuerte.

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