weather update for Cerocahui at Bahuchivo Station Feb 11, 2017

Weather update for Cerocahui at Bahuchivo Station for the week of Feb 11, 2017. There’s possible rain at Posada Barrancas, and looks to be sunny with clouds at Cerocahui. Although you may think, “rain, ugh?”, there are chances of incredible rainbows and instant waterfalls through the train ride.

January and February are generally the older months in the Copper Canyon. The first time I went to Creel, it was snowing. I guess I didn’t relate snow to Mexico. This year has been warmer than usual, the biggest snow was in early December. There are less insects in El Fuerte at this time of the year, but still be safe to have repellent.

March through May are popular months to visit Cerocahui and Urique for the weather and the Semana Santa ten day holiday. The annual event is celebrated throughout Copper Canyon, but is a center hub for the final celebration night in Urique Canyon.

we will keep you updated with occasional weather updates in the Copper Canyon region.