New Chepe Express

The Chepe Express is the new luxury train of the passenger railway route that currently runs through the Sierra Tarahumara of Mexico, passing and making stops for different destinations from the Mochis (Sinaloa) to Chihuahua (Chihuahua).

The Chepe Express comes to complement the offer of tourist train service that exists on the Chepe route. For now, only the Chepe Regional tourist class train is available; The Chepe Express, which will be inaugurated on May 17, 2018, offers visitors the possibility of living an experience aboard a luxury train that has executive class and the highest standards of quality and service.

It is one of the trains that have tourist routes in Mexico.

The new luxury train of Chepe has 6 passenger cars divided into two classes: economy class and business class, the first has capacity for 60 people who can enjoy their trip comfortably sitting on reclining seats and admire the landscapes through the panoramic windows, in addition the area has 4 HD screens, professional audio system and 2 luxury bathrooms.

On the other hand, the executive class has 48 ergonomic reclining seats with a central table, also to observe the landscapes they have panoramic windows, in addition to 4 HD screens, professional audio system and 2 luxury bathrooms; highlights in this type of wagons that there is personal service on board and snacks and drinks service.

Unlike Chepe Regional, which only offers coffee service, the new Chepe Express will have Wi-Fi, bar service with capacity for 40 people, terrace with lounge area and a restaurant with two levels and capacity for up to 24 people each.