Copper Canyon

Canyon Travel reviews of Copper Canyon

Canyon Travel reviews of Copper Canyon

Check out our reviews of Canyon Travel. We greatly appreciate your feedback.

Testimonial for Copper Canyon Tours

My wife María de Lourdes, who was born in Chihuahua, and I have traveled all over Mexico for more than 40 years, visiting Mexico City, Puebla, Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Yucatán, etc. and think we know Mexico pretty well. Strangely enough, we had never visited Copper Canyon. We made up for lost time in November 2016 when we were extremely fortunate to come across the Canyon Travel website. Thanks to the guidance of Michael “Mondo” Mondini and Carla Brown, we thoroughly enjoyed our 8-day trip on the picturesque El Chepe railroad stretching from Chihuahua to Los Mochis on the Pacific coast. Along the way we visited Creel, Barrancas, Bahuichivo, Cerrocahui and El Fuerte and experienced the beauty and charm of Copper Canyon, whose size and magnificence makes the Grand Canyon pale in comparison. Beyond the spectacular scenery, we were privileged to learn about the culture of the Tarahumara, or the Raramuris, as they prefer to be called, whose impressive resilience in the face of conquest by the Spaniards and subsequent virtual enslavement remains evident in their dispersed settlements, proud customs and practice of self-sufficient agriculture. Mondo and Carla have established strong links with hotels and lodges such as the Mansión Tarahumara or the San Isidro ranch run by the Muñoz family, whose home-cooked meals rustic cabañas warmed by wood-burning stoves were a particular delight. At each stop along the way we were met by local indigenous guides such as Mario, Jesús and Felipe, whose knowledge of the people, historical petroglyphs, and of course the canyons themselves made the trip really something special. And of course there was the chance to experience the world’s longest zipline at Barrancas Adventure Park, which as especially “exciting” for us senior citizens! After our Copper Canyon adventure, we fly to Los Cabos for a few days, where we had dinner with Mondo and were regaled with stories of his amazing life. We are grateful to him and to Carla for their expertise and impeccable organization of the logistics and the handling of our bookings, transfers, meals and local tours; I have organized many study-abroad educational programs in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil for University of Miami students and know how challenging their work truly is. We enthusiastically recommend Canyon Tours to anyone wishing to experience one of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders and the intriguing culture of the people who inhibit the region.

William C. Smith
Senior Professor of Political Science, University of Miami
Editor Emeritus, Latin American Politics and Society
Chihuahua to El Fuerte, November 16-23, 2016
“Scott and I really appreciated your ongoing contact before and during the trip. You did an excellent job!”


Julie and Scott, Portland, OR

Copper Canyon destinations and outdoor activities

Copper Canyon destinations and outdoor activities

There are many options for the trip in Copper Canyon as far as destinations, hotel choices, and outdoor activities. Learn more about the destinations, to create your custom adventure.
Here is some information to review that will help us customize your adventure.
The train stops in Los Mochis- EL Fuerte- Bahuchivo Station- Posada Barrancas- Creel- Chihuahua.
Fitrstly, we begin the adventure in El Fuerte, a charming “Pueblo Magico”, known for the architecture, history and migratory birds on the Rio Fuerte. The hotels are steps away from the town center, museum, and church.
In our opinion, it is a must!
The second stop is at Bahuchivo Station. The small town of Cerrocaui is about 30-45 min away. We like to use the family run lodge of San Isidro, but also Hotel Mission in Cerocahui. Cerrocaui is home to the 300 yr. old Jesuit Mission, Tarahumarans Girl’s school, waterfalls and vineyards.
Gallego Mountain tour will take you to overlook Urique Canyon. It is the deepest canyon in the Copper Canyon system.
The descent to Urique is approximately a four-hour tour down a bumpy road.
There is an option to stay the night at the bottom of Urique, but most people like San Isidro Lodge.
The next stop is at the “eye” of the canyon, Posada Barrancas. The hotel is set on the edge of the cliff. There are valley view rooms available for those who don’t want to take a lot of stairs.
Most guests will say that this is the best view hotel from the top.
Divisadero is 5 min away by shuttle. You will see incredible views of the canyons, outdoor market, and the Copper Canyon Adventure Park.
The adventure park has gondolas across the canyons, the world’s longest zip line, rock repelling, hiking and more.
These activities are a la cart.
Hotel Mansion Tarahumara  includes a guided walking tour to the cliff dwellings on the first day. The shuttle is included if you stay a second night in Posada Barrancas.
This is the highest elevation with mile high views.
If you are traveling in the winter, consider that it can snow in Posada Barrancas and Creel.
Creel is another “Pueblo Magico” town and gateway to the Copper Canyon from the Chihuahua side. The landscape is very cool and different here.
Lake Arareko, Valley of Mushrooms, Monks, And Frogs, Cusarare Falls are the most popular outdoor places to visit. Mexico’s second largest waterfall is also there, or other 9 hour tours to La Bufa.
  If you want to go to Creel, you will need at least two days there due to the train schedule.
Chihuahua is the last stop on the train. A lot of the trip is through the Sonoran Desert. Most guest will go to Chihuahua if they are arriving or departing from the city. There is a lot of Mexican culture to experience. For example, museums, cathedrals, and caves outside of town.
Birdwatching in Copper Canyon

Birdwatching in Copper Canyon

Birds in Copper Canyon, a unique variety of life in a diverse environment.

Get out your bird checklist ready for Copper Canyon!

Since Mexico hosts 22 endemic birds, there is a lot to see. Only Brazil and Indonesia can top that. Within Copper Canyon, there is an average of 300 species birds.

It is a pristine wilderness, four times the size of the Grand Canyon. As a result, it is a land of distinct scenery and life.

  • subtropical forests
  • deciduous forests
  • desert grasslands.

The transitional range of environments within the Copper Canyon Region.

  Since habitats transition between two biomes, a diversity of life is possible to experience.

  The landscape changes from the Sonoran Desert to the Sinaloan transition tropical forest. Thus, creating a variety of birds found in Copper Canyon. 

 Noteworthy is the unique evolution of the canyons that create centers of life for birds and plants. For example, plant species range from Pine, Oak, Madrona, Willow, Alder, and Cottonwood trees. An average of 3,500 species of plants are found in Copper Canyon.

  In El Fuerte, on the Rio Fuerte, experience a variety of hummingbirds and water-loving birds. The river flourishes with life and creates an abundant habitat.

Since the towns of the Sierra Madre region are higher in elevation, they host a different variety of birds than the lowlands of Sinaloa.


Copper Canyon Birds in Sinaloa:

  • Black-vented Oriole,
  • Violet Crown hummingbirds,
  • Black Ching Costas,
  • Ruffus Hummingbirds,
  • Grey Crowned Woodpecker,
  • Mangrove Vireo,
  • Plain Caps,
  • Black Throat Hummingbirds,
  • Russet Crowned Motmots,
  • Colima Pygmy Owls,
  • Squirrel Cuckoo,
  • Caracaras,
  • Lesser Roadrunner,
  • Mexican Parrotiet,
  • Black Hawks,
  • Bare-throated,
  • Tiger Heron,
  • 26 varieties of Orioles,
  • Tufted Flycatchers,
  • Grey Hawks,
  • Acorn woodpeckers,
  • Xantos hummingbirds,
  • Blue Mockingbird,
  • Social Flycatcher,
  • Purplish-backed Jay,
  • Sinoloa Crow,

Copper Canyon Birds in the Sierra Madre region:

  • Red Tailed Hawks,
  • Soldier McCaws,
  • Mexican Jays,
  • Red Flickers,
  • Sharp-shinned Hawks,
  • Thick-billed Parrot,
  • White-eared Hummingbird,
  • Tufted Flycatcher,
  • Red-faced Warbler,
  • Brown-backed Solitare,
  • Mexican Chickadee,
  • American dipper,
  • Mountain Trogan,
  • Lilac Crowned Parrot,
  • Swainson’s Hawk,
  • Zon-tailed Hawk,
  • American Krestle,
  • Rufus Hummingbird,
  • Whiskered Screech Owl,
  • Red Tailed Hawk,
  • Acorn Woodpecker,
  • Hairy Steller’s Jay,
  • Chihuahua Raven,
  • Green-striped Brushfinch,
  •  Eared Queztal

Our bilingual guides help you find rare birds. Therefore, if you’re a birder, you are going to love the Copper Canyon! For new enthusiasts, birds of Copper canyon will win your heart.

Go ahead, inquire today!

Samples of custom itineraries


Check out some of our samples of custom itineraries.
We aim to please, and create samples of custom itineraries that suit your interests, destinations, and budget!
While you may begin the journey in Chihuahua, we recommend either beginning from the Los Mochis airport, or Cabo San Lucas.The train route is more scenic from west to east, and the right side of the train offers a better view of the climb into the canyons.





Adventure 1 samples of custom itineraries

Day 1 Arrive at the Los Mochis airport. Your driver will transport you to El Fuerte, about an hour and a half away. Your hotel overlooks the Rio Fuerte and is just steps away from the town center.

Day 2 7:30 am train departure for Bahuchivo Station, arriving around 11am. Hotel Mision in historic Cerocahui is very close to the train station, and is beautifully set in the town.

Day 4 mid morning train departure (11 ish) to Posada Barrancas, arriving around 1pm to Hotel Mansion Tarahumara. A guided walking tour is included to see Tarahumaran cliff dwellings.

Day 5 Spend a second day at the canoyn peaks. Sit back and relax, go shopping in Divisadero, or ride the cable car across the canyons. A shuttle will take you to the Copper Canyon Adventure Park.

Day 6 Board train 1pm to El Fuerte, arriving around 7:30 pm. A taxi will take you to the Hotel.

Day 7 In the morning, float on the Rio Fuerte, birdwatch, and hike to the Nahautl petroglyphs (2 hours). If you get tired, know that you may return as you wish. Pack up and transfer to the airport in Los Mochis.



Adventure 2 Samples of custom itineraries

Day 1 Fly from Cabo to Los Mochis.  It’s a quick, one hour flight. Your driver will pick you up and transport you to El Fuerte at the Lodge. Unpack, relax, and take a walk to the town center. You may take the river float to the petroglyphs or visit the local Mayo community to experience a demonstration of the native dances preformed during holiday celebrations.

Day 1 Fly from Cabo to Los Mochis.  It’s a quick, one hour flight. Your driver will pick you up and transport you to El Fuerte at the Lodge. Unpack, relax, and take a walk to the town center. You may take the river float to the petroglyphs or visit the local Mayo community to experience a demonstration of the native dances preformed during holiday celebrations.

Day 2  Board the train around 7:30 am to Bahuchivo Station, arriving between 11-1pm. Your driver will take you to the San Isidro Lodge. Visit the historical town of Cerocahui and the 300-year-old Jesuit mission.

Day 3 8:30 am-3pm This is a real adventure on a bumpy road with a view! Drive to Gallego mountain, or descend into Urique, the deepest canyon structure in the Copper Canyon! You will stop along the way to take photographs.

Day 4 mid morning (10ish) board the train for Posada Barrancas.  The Hotel Mansion Tarahumara is literally on the edge of the canyon. The rim rooms offer mile high vistas of the canyons below. A walking tour to the vistas and Divisadero is included.  There are extra activities that you may like. For example: cable car ride across the canyons ($25USD per person) world class zip line ($50USD per person), local shopping from the Tarahumarans, atv rentals, etc..

Day 5 Between 1-3 pm, the train departs for Chihuahua. At Divisadero, the train will stop for about 20 minutes for another photo opportunity.

You will arrive in Chihuahua around 10:30 pm. A taxi will drive your group to the Holiday Inn.

Day 6 Enjoy your final day in Chihuahua. It is a capitol city with a lot to see. Don’t miss the cathedral! Pack up for your departure.




Chepe Train Map

Chepe Train Map

Chepe map of Copper Canyon
Visit one of the world’s last pristine wildernesses on an incredible train adventure through Mexico’s Copper Canyon on the Chepe train. Ths map will give you an idea of destinations and points of interest.
 The train runs daily from Chihuahua and Los Mochis through Copper Canyon. It climbs altitudes of 200 meters to 2,400 meters, over a mile high. It passes through 86 tunnels, 37 tunnels, and turns in a 180-degree turn, an engineering feet.

Arrive at the train station early. Though the train runs on “train time”, you will want to ensure your ride and seat. Train tickets are sold by dates and destinations, so missing a ride costs a fine.

Print your tickets prior to the adventure.

There is a restaurant car, and occasionally a bar car.

Limit baggage to two bags, 55lbs. or 25 KG.
Passenger cars are similar to Amtrack in the US.
Copper Canyon is busy during the holidays. Especially, during New Years and Semana Santa.
Reserve your dates early before travel.
Capacity can fill up quickly with local events or holidays. It is a good idea to plan in advance.
It is an unforgettable train journey. what will your adventure be?
Chepe destinations
  • Los Mochis: Initially, a sugar cane town in northern Sinaloa. The Chepe train leaves at 6:00 am. Topolobambo port has a ferry service to La Paz, BCS, near the beach. Los Mochis also has an airport for domestic flights. The town is a small city with a business center based downtown. Duck and Dove hunting are popular outdoor activities here.
  • El Fuerte: Charming gateway to the Copper Canyon, a “Pueblo Magico” town. Historically, it is known for silver deposits. The Rio Fuerte flows nearby the town center, and abundant in bird and animal life. There is a Mayo Village and a series od damns outside of town.
  • Bahuchivo Station: Welcome to the wilderness! Among Ponderosa Pines at an altitude of 1800 meters, or 1.1 mile high. Take a dirt road, about 30-45 minutes away to the hotel. It’s a bumpy road. There are hotels in historical Cerocahui, and  near the Gallego Mountain, overlooking Urique Canyon. Urique is the deepest gorge in the canyons. Waterfalls and horseback riding are popular outdoor activities. Visit the Mission de San Fransisco, Tarahumaran girls school and wine tour.
  • Posada Barrancas: “the eye of the canyon”, is the highest elevation of the Copper Canyon 1.49 miles high, or 2400 meters. The hotels have rim top views, or valley view rooms. Copper Canyon Adventure Park is about five minutes away by shuttle. The views od the canyons are incredible and humbling. For the adventurer, there are a ton of activities.
  • Creel: A “Pueblo Magico” town of the Sierra Tarahumara . Subsiquently, a hub for the Tarahumara community, and close town center to the Chepe train station. Points of interest include; Lake Arareko, Cusarare Falls, Basaseachi Falls, Valley of Mushrooms, Monks and Frogs, La Bufa and the road to Batopilas.
  • Chihuahua: A busy capital city of Chihuahua. Points of interest include; Quinta Gameros House, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Chihuahua, museums, and Nombre de Dios caverns,

Posada Barrancas

Posada Barrancas


At Posada Barrancas, on the edge of Divisadero, lies the continental divide. It is known as the eye of the canyon. One can see 100-mile vistas of many canyons, including Urique Canyon, Del Cobre, Oteros, Sinfrosa, and Taraecua Canyons. Five out of six canyons is not too bad! This is the highest elevation in the Copper Canyon train route.
The train stops at Divisadero for about 15 minutes. At the Divisadero station, artisans set up shop and traditional food is sold. It is a humbling experience to see the canyons converge in the vista.
While traveling, keep small bills ready for those handcrafted souveniers.  The Copper Canyon Adventure Park is here too. Imagine the world’s longest zip lines, gondola rides across the canyons, and other outdoor activities. If you just want to relax at the adventure park, have a drink or bite to eat at the restaurant with partial glass flooring. It is pretty exciting to see how high you are!
Hike around the canyons and to cliff dwellings, nestled below the cliff top hotel. Posada Barrancas and Divisadero are locations where you can relax and meditate or bring out the adventurous side of yourself.
Here is a photo of another great view.
This is a photo from the zip line.
In Posada Barrancas, the hotels are set upon the canyon cliffs. From your room, you will experience magical light changing from across the landscape of the canyons below. Sometimes they are shadows of clouds, lifting fog, rainbows, or an incredible sunrise. The view is something hard comprehend, even with pictures. The Hotel Mansion and Hotel Mirador are located at this amazing destination. You may not want to leave! Hotel Mansion Tarahumara has choices of valley view rooms and 70 cliff view rooms. We love their hospitality and service. Hotel Mirador is next door, about twice the cost.
Hotel Mansion Tarahumara has choices of valley view rooms and 70 cliff view rooms. We love their hospitality and service. Hotel Mirador is next door, about twice the cost.

Aboard El Chepe Train YouTube video

National Geographic calls El Chepe the most dramatic ride in the Northern Hemisphere. Aboard el Chepe train climbs at a seven-degree grade, a mile high from El Fuerte to Posada Barrancas. You will see rivers, waterfalls, and mile high views from El Fuerte to Posada Barrancas.

Aboard el Chepe, the train passes daily from both Los Mochis and Chihuahua. It spans the vast wilderness of Copper Canyon in both Chihuahua and Sinaloa. Be to the train early, though the train may be late. You’re in Mexico, embrace the spirit of “manana”. The trian stops from Los Mochis to El Fuerte. Then the next stop is Bahuchivo Station. At the top of the canyons, stay the night at Posada Barrancas and Divisadero. Climbing into the Sierra Tarahumara Mountians, you will get the other gateway to the Copper Canyon, Creel. The ultimate stop, after passing the Sonoran Desert is the capital city of Chihuahua. Along the route, pass 39 bridges and 86 tunnels.

Be to the train early, though the train may be late. You’re in Mexico, embrace the spirit of “manana”. The train stops from Los Mochis to El Fuerte. Then the next stop is Bahuchivo Station. At the top of the canyons, stay the night at Posada Barrancas and Divisadero. El Chepe climbs through the Sierra Tarahumara Mountains, you will get the other gateway to the Copper Canyon, Creel. Finally, after passing the Sonoran Desert is the capital city of Chihuahua.

The Copper Canyon is home to five indigenous groups including the largest, Tarahumaran and Yaqui. Due to the remote and vastness of the canyons and hidden canyons. These people were able to avoid contact with the Spanish and other foreigners until nearly WWII. The Tarahumarans are very shy, and you will sell handmade wares at train stops. They have a unique belief system of many souls and are interconnected with the land and stars. They work in a co-operative community, though they tend to be to themselves and migrate with the seasons.  Chia is a super food that the Tarahumarans have used for years in their diet. Their diet is thought to attribute to their strength and endurance. Scientists and runners have marveled at their ability to run barefoot with speed and agility across the canyons. Ultra marathons are becoming popular in Urique,over the last ten years.

Check out our videos on YouTube

Check out our videos on YouTube

Check out our YouTube channel. Videos from Cabo and Copper Canyon, Mexico.

We offer unique adventures through Copper Canyon and are based in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We’re unique because we create custom options for your adventures. Check out our website:

There are many options for travel. Call us today at 1 888 629-0718 to find out more.

We recommend 5-7 days, at least! Also, you can fly in and out of Cabo San Lucas. If you’re into the great outdoors, this is an adventure.

Adventure choices include

  • Where you want to go? Do you want luxury or “rusticana” family run hotels?
  • How many people are in your group?
  • We like to know about food allergies or vegetarian requests.
  • Let us know of any physical restrictions or walking issues.
  • Where would you like to start?

Bird watchers can enjoy seeing between 200-300 species of birds. There are two distinct biomes home to a variey of birdlife. Soldier Mccaws are a cool find, along with so many varieties of Hummingbirds. In this YouTube video, you will see the Rio Fuerte and some of the bird life there.

Hikers can design tours based around treks. The deepest canyon, Urique can take about 9 hours to hike. There are also hikes to available from clifftop waterfalls to petroglyphs near the Sea of Cortez. See the hike to the Nahautl petroglyphs in this YouTube video.

Train enthusiasts will be amazed at the extensive construction as it passes through 87 tunnels and 39 bridges. Check out our YouTube video as train “turns” upon itself at 180 degree tour near the town of Creel. The train travels daily from both Chihuahua and Los Mochis. The first class train offers a dining car, and sometimes a bar car.

Motorcyclists have some cool roads to ride through Copper Canyon. Go with our guides to ensure safety and direction. We have couples meeting their mates, who travel by train.

Photographers have a lot of options for awesome shots. Wildlife, landscape, culture, trains and adventure photo encounters at each unique destination.

Adventurers love Divsadero at the world’s longest zip lines, gondola rides across the canyons, and rock repelling. Bicyclists have been known to tour through Copper Canyon.

Safety in Mexico is important to us. We are in contact with our suppliers behind the scenes and while you travel. While there are precautions to consider, Copper Canyon is safe on the train and at the destinations on the line. Our guides are with you as you travel. From arrival to departure, we are involved.

Canyon Travel social media pages

Canyon Travel social media pages

PictureHave you seen Canyon Travel’s social media pages?

Did you know that Canyon Travel has Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and a YouTube channel?

Check out our social media pages and blog. Get an idea what to expect for your adventure to Copper Canyon.

This blog will include:

  • the importance of trip insurance
  • maps
  • photos and videos
  • average temperatures throughout the year
  • ideas for what to pack
  • what to expect
  • a closer look at the diversity within the Copper Canyon
  • town history and current events
  • we post updates of events and news in Copper Canyon
  • flora and fauna within the two distinct biomes
  • birdwatching checklists
  • outdoor activities
  • train information and history
  • client reviews
  • health benefits of spending time in nature
  • A resource page of information and history about Copper Canyon

We find that people who enjoy the great outdoors, love Copper Canyon. This is one of the world’s last preserved wildernesses. Also, the only rail line in Mexico. The train is incredible throughout the year. Though the summer months get humid, spring and fall are ideal times to travel. From Dec through February it can snow near Creel and Posada Barrancas.

You will fall in love with bird watching and great photographic moments. Each destination along the train route is unique from the rest. Our hotels range from luxury to rusticana. The differences being price, quality of hotel and interaction. For example, you will work with a concierge, or a family run operation.

It’s time! Learn more about your options, and get the most out of your Copper Canyon experience.

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Copper Canyon: one of the best classic train adventures of the world

Copper Canyon: one of the best classic train adventures of the world

Are you ready for an adventure? Do you need a few days to disconnect? Are you a bird watcher? Do you love the great outdoors? Are you a train enthusiast? if your thinking, yes, then consider Copper Canyon for your next getaway.

Not only is this one of the last pristine wildernesses in the world, it is also priced fair for travelers of all ages and budgets. Our prices include ground transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, first-class railway tickets, selected activities, and bilingual guides, where available.

Compared to vacations in other parts of the world like Africa and Europe, Copper Canyon adventures are a deal. Mexico is also becoming a safe and top rated choice for international travel. We create custom itineraries to suit your activity level, destinations, hotel choice, travel dates, and budget. Prices start at $1,500 USD per person, with group discounts and promos available.

Lonely Planet magazine recently published an article about some of the most amazing classic train journeys of the world, and we are happy – and at the same time not surprised at all – that Copper Canyon travel experience tops the list. el-chepe-train-copper-canyon
Copper Canyon Railway, Mexico

The Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacifico (Copper Canyon Railway) features 36 bridges and 87 tunnels along its 655 km length. Connecting the mountainous arid interior of northern Mexico with the Pacific coast, the railway line (known as El Chepe) passes through landscapes that include sheer canyon walls, waterfalls and high desert plains. Two trains operate on this route between Los Mochis and Chihuahua: the primera express (first class) has a restaurant, bar and reclining seats and makes fewer stops than the clase economica (economy class). Canyon Travel can set you up for a grand adventure.

Get inspired at For more information on the Copper Canyon travel experience and adventure please contact us at: from the US: 1-(405)-216-3142; Mexico: (52)-624-144-7072; Mexico Cell Phone (52) [1] 624-178-0413.