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Canyon Travel client review March 2017
Canyon Travel client review March 2017

Canyon Travel client review March 2017

This is the most recent client review from a group traveling in March 2017.

“Thanks again for organizing a great trip! We had a fantastic time. Every detail of the trip was organized and executed faultlessly. Special thanks to Carla who rescheduled our taxi ride at 3am in the morning when the ferry arrived early in the morning our first day. The hotels, the tours, the food, the transfers were all executed seamlessly.
Highlights of the trip were San Isidro Lodge and the Temascal sweat lodge that we did, of course the magnificent scenery of Barrancas de Cobre, the zip line tour of the canyon, the hike to the Recowata Hot Springs, The Tarahumara lodge rooms at the top of the canyon were spectacular, the river tour of El Fuerte .. We saw 3 sets of Cara Cara Birds!, El Chepe Train, Creel sightseeing of the rock formations, the Cusarare Falls, Cave dwellings of the Tarahumara.. The list goes on.”


Thank you for the review! Vicky has just returned from her birthday adventure through Copper Canyon. She was the group leader for a party of six, and had an amazing time.

There were some last minute changes with the Baja ferry service, but we were prepared and got the taxi service to pick up at 3 am, three hours earlier than expected. Our clients were happy to have someone to contact to look over them through details like these.

Canyon Travel aims to be different than other companies in Copper Canyon. We strive to get the best deals, the preferred hotels, and to ensure that the itinerary is seen through the trip.

Who doesn’t like a little TLC?

This group chose a custom itinerary and traveled from La Paz BCS via ferry. They then took the train all the way to Creel, Chihuahua and back to Los Mochis.

We create custom adventures to suit your dates, activity level, budget, hotel choice and food preferences. Contact us today to inquire about your next adventure. We appreciate all of our clients comments and reviews.

Bass Fishing/Duck and Dove hunting
Bass Fishing/Duck and Dove hunting

Bass Fishing/Duck and Dove hunting


Hey, hunting enthusiasts! Want to go Bass fishing in El Fuerte? It’s easy and fun, just 12 km from beautiful El Fuerte are local dams filled with bass. Ask about our adventure packages! We have all the gear, and our chef can cook a great bass.

Do you like Duck and Dove hunting??
This first class sportsman adventure annually attracts millions of waterfowl to the scenic, warm environments of Mexico. Due to the warmer climate, hunters can take advantage of up to three extra months to hunt in Sinoloa, Mexico.

Enjoy your time at decoyed wooden platforms, 80 blinds built with platforms to keep hunters dry.
The selection of birdlife may include: Black bellied whistling ducks, Green winged and blue winged teal, Cinnamon, Redheads, Fulvous whistling ducks, canvas Blacks, Mottled ducks, Widgeons, Pintails, Mallards, and Shorelers.Seven airboats are available to cover the 70,000  acres of marshlands.


Los Mochis is a small city near the beaches of the Sea of Cortez, an hour away from Cabo San Lucas. Also, the Los Mochis airport has service to Mexico City and surrounding areas. Ask us for more information about either of these popular hunting adventures. 



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El Fuerte, Sinoloa


El Fuerte is acknowledged in Mexico as a “Pueblo Magico” town for it’s historical, architectural, and cultural contributions. You will enjoy the quaint cobblestone streets, gardens, town center, and plentiful natural environments. The locals are very proud of their town and show it in their hospitality.

In 1563, El Fuerte was founded by the Spanish conquistador Francisco de Ibarra.  In 1610, a fort was built to ward off the Native Americans in this area that consisted largely of the Zuaque and Tehueco. Although the fort is no longer standing, currently a replica museum stands near the town center.  El Fuerte was a very important city because it served as a passage to the frontiers of the northern territories of Mexico, Arizona, and California.  For almost three centuries, El Fuerte was one of the most important commercial and agricultural hubs of the Mexican northwest regions.  In addition, the geological location made it a hot spot as a trading post for silver miners and pioneers. Gold from the Urique and Batopilas mines of the Sierra Madre Mountains was transported by river. Today, the town is a hub for agriculture, especially for blueberries. The dams near El Fuerte are a local favorite for bass fishing. Tourism blooms in this quaint town and charming town center.

Along the El Fuerte river, you can also see petroglyphs carved into stone, which represent an earlier period of the Nahuatl Indians. Serpents, sun gods, and shamans are some of the many symbolic carvings that still remain.  Once located on the highest point in town, an earthquake shook these artifacts to the places they are currently located. Many petroglyphs scattered along Mask Hill and the banks of the El Fuerte River. nearby is the Mayo village. You may choose to meet a family and watch the elders preform the “deer dance”, the story of life”, performed for Semana Santa holidays.

Ride the world's longest zip line at Posada Barrancas.#zipline, #divisadero, #coppercanyon, #adventure

Posted by Copper Canyon Mexico on Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Even in a military sense, El Fuerte is historically recognized.  In 1915, during the Mexican Revolution, it is said that here Pancho Villa was defeated by Venustiano Carranza.  Carranza was an important leader of the Mexican Revolution, who later became a Mexican president.