Semana Santa

Semana Santa, spring holiday in Copper Canyon
Semana Santa, spring holiday in Copper Canyon

Semana Santa, spring holiday in Copper Canyon

Semana Santa is a ten-day Easter festival where Catholicism meets Paganism.  While the dates of the event change every year, it usually takes place in late March or April. This year the holiday spans from April 9-15th. For travelers, there is a lot to see from church mass to indigenous dance ceremonies.

Throughout the week, experience an interesting blend of historic and religious rites. In the villages, you can see Semana Santa traditions taking place. For example, the Mayo Indian dress up in costume and perform the deer dance, a symbolic dance of life.  People also walk through the small towns with large crosses. Bazaars pop up in places like Cerocauhui, the closest town to Urique with games and community activities.

As the week concludes, Tarahumarans travel by foot and congregate in Urique for the final ceremonies of good versus evil.
It is an unforgettable experience of culture. Many are drunk on homemade corn
beer, or even peyote. Some of the men paint themselves with white spots all
over their body to represent the evil of this world, conflicting with the

creel is another portal to the Copper Canyon that is popular during Semana Santa.

This is one of the busiest times to visit the Copper Canyon, so planning early is crucial. As early as December, do reservations book quickly.  It has been said that Mexico City, which is usually a bustling city is much less crowded during Semana Santa. A lot of families choose to visit the Copper Canyon during this mystical time.

If your looking for a unique travel experience and don’t mind sharing the vast canyons with other travelers, Seman Santa is a special event to experience. Some travelers book a week before, or after these dates to enjoy the canyons without the crowds.

This is a blog from a traveler who spent time in Copper Canyon during this holiday.