Videos of Canyon Travel You Tube channel of el Chepe and Copper Canyon

Videos of Canyon Travel You Tube channel of el Chepe and Copper Canyon

Have you seen our YouTube channel? We have videos of El Chepe train and diverse landscapes of Copper Canyon. Check us out today, or submit your Copper Canyon video for us to add to the channel.

Check out our videos of the Copper Canyon.

“All aboard el Chepe” videos

El Chepe train climbs a seven-degree grade, a mile high fro Los Mochis to Chihuahua. It passes small remote pueblos along the way, each one distinct in charm and environments. El Chepe passes over 37 bridges and through 86 tunnels. With the rivers, waterfalls, mountain peaks and mastered engineering, Nat Geo calls this the most dramatic train ride in the Northern Hemisphere.

“the loop near Creel, Chihuahua

Between Creel and Posada Barrancas is where the train turns 180 degrees into the mountain tunnel, an engineering feet.


Check out our videos on YouTube

Check out our videos on YouTube

Check out our YouTube channel. Videos from Cabo and Copper Canyon, Mexico.

We offer unique adventures through Copper Canyon and are based in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We’re unique because we create custom options for your adventures. Check out our website:

There are many options for travel. Call us today at 1 888 629-0718 to find out more.

We recommend 5-7 days, at least! Also, you can fly in and out of Cabo San Lucas. If you’re into the great outdoors, this is an adventure.

Adventure choices include

  • Where you want to go? Do you want luxury or “rusticana” family run hotels?
  • How many people are in your group?
  • We like to know about food allergies or vegetarian requests.
  • Let us know of any physical restrictions or walking issues.
  • Where would you like to start?

Bird watchers can enjoy seeing between 200-300 species of birds. There are two distinct biomes home to a variey of birdlife. Soldier Mccaws are a cool find, along with so many varieties of Hummingbirds. In this YouTube video, you will see the Rio Fuerte and some of the bird life there.

Hikers can design tours based around treks. The deepest canyon, Urique can take about 9 hours to hike. There are also hikes to available from clifftop waterfalls to petroglyphs near the Sea of Cortez. See the hike to the Nahautl petroglyphs in this YouTube video.

Train enthusiasts will be amazed at the extensive construction as it passes through 87 tunnels and 39 bridges. Check out our YouTube video as train “turns” upon itself at 180 degree tour near the town of Creel. The train travels daily from both Chihuahua and Los Mochis. The first class train offers a dining car, and sometimes a bar car.

Motorcyclists have some cool roads to ride through Copper Canyon. Go with our guides to ensure safety and direction. We have couples meeting their mates, who travel by train.

Photographers have a lot of options for awesome shots. Wildlife, landscape, culture, trains and adventure photo encounters at each unique destination.

Adventurers love Divsadero at the world’s longest zip lines, gondola rides across the canyons, and rock repelling. Bicyclists have been known to tour through Copper Canyon.

Safety in Mexico is important to us. We are in contact with our suppliers behind the scenes and while you travel. While there are precautions to consider, Copper Canyon is safe on the train and at the destinations on the line. Our guides are with you as you travel. From arrival to departure, we are involved.