1 Day Tours

Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon

We propose 5 different 1-Day Tours for you. All tours are customisable. Please contact us for more information.

Day trip 1. Chepe in a Day tour.
Begin your adventure in Los Mochis or Chihuahua.

Prices include first class railway tickets, and optional hotel accommodation for the night with taxi service to the hotel. Call us for quotes.

Arrive to the train station at 5:00 am to prepare for departure.
You will ride for about 15 hours through breathtaking scenery of Chihuahua and Sinaloa.
Experience the Copper Canyon, as you pass through 37 bridges and 86 tunnels.
This is what National Geographic describes as, “one of the best 50 tours of a lifetime.”
There is a dining car available for a la cart purchases.
There is a 15 minute stop at Divisadero, where you will be able to get out for photo opportunities and local shopping.
Upon arrival to your destination, an optional hotel accommodation is provided with complimentary taxi service to the hotel.

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Day trip 2. Remote beaches of La Paz.
1/2 day trip to remote beaches of La Paz, or swim with whale sharks (seasonal)
Cabo-La Paz
4-5 hours

7 am transportation provided from Cabo to La Paz
Includes coffee, juices and pastries.
8 am bathroom break in Pescadero
9 am board the Island Cat from La Paz
snacks, lunch, and open bar included with beach activity or whale shark swim
2:30 pm dock in La Paz
3:30 pm stop by Todos Santos
5:00 pm arrive back to Cabo

$225 USD per adult
$150 USD per child under 12 yrs

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Day trip 3
Sea lion colony/ Espiritu Santos
10-11 hour day trip from Cabo-La Paz

7 am depart Cabo. Yogurt, fruit, coffee, juices, sodas are included on the way to La Paz
9 am board the boat from La Paz
10:15 am See the sea lions of San Rafaelito
11:30-12:30 arrive to the Isla Espiritu Santos via dingy
enjoy lunch and pristine scenery
6 pm return trip to Cabo

Note 1: Time schedules are subject to tidal flow, weather, and traffic conditions

Note 2: When sea conditions make crossing to San Gabriel Bay uncomfortable, Island Cat will anchor within the outer arms of Balandra Bay. The outer beaches of Balandra are only accessible by boat. They are likely the most beautiful of all the beaches in the area. All the amenities outlined above will be available.

Note 3: If Balandra is the destination bay, arrival to the beaches and departure from the bay will be one hour earlier.

$345 per adult

$245 per child under 12 yrs.

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Day trip 4

Birdwatching/ River float tour/ hike to Nahautl petroglyphs in El Fuerte

From the charming “Pueblo Magico” town of El Fuerte, float through the calm Rio Fuerte via oared boats.

This river hosts a variety of migratory and native bird/ animal life.

Your guide is an avid birdwatcher, sometimes calling birds to land on his head!

They are informative of native flora, fauna, and interpretations of the petroglyphs.

Your adventure will include a walking tour to the Nahautl petroglyphs, which were unearthed during a flood in the 1990’s.

You will see 400 yr. old cacti and some cacti growing out of trees.

$45 USD per person

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Day trip 5 Catch of the day

Ask us about day trips for Bass Fishing in El Fuerte or Deep sea fishing/spearfishing in Baja!

Bass fishing in El Fuerte starts at $275 USD with fishing equipment for the day. Transport available from our hotel in El Fuerte. We can recommend a great hotel if you choose to stay the night.

Yacht charters in Cabo with equipment are closer to $1,500 USD

Spearfishing (all levels) about $200 per person with equipment

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We can arrange your Cabo tours too! Please look below:

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